Dr. Guive Sharifi


Dr. Guive Sharif is an associate professor of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and an expert surgeon in complex brain and spine surgeries. He is a pioneer in research and clinical neurology in Iran and has published papers in ISI journals. Expertise in endoscopic brain surgeries is an important skill of Dr. Guive Sharifi.

Dr. Guive Sharifi, specialist in brain and spinal surgery, uses the minimally invasive techniques in the treatment of cerebrospinal complications. He has a great background in complex surgeries such as decompression of spinal cord, removal of brain and spinal tumors, and specially epilepsy surgery, using new techniques.

Nowadays, using minimally invasive methods with new surgical tools and techniques, is a main priority among the surgeons. By having the knowledge of modern surgical techniques and the use of advanced equipment, Dr. Guive Sharifi operates many endoscopic surgeries to treat brain and spine disorders.

Patient’s return to the normal life requires proper attention to his physical condition after surgery. Rehabilitation after surgery is one of the key components of the healing process. In collaboration with a team of experts, Dr. Guive Sharifi provides his patients the necessary program of rehabilitation after surgery.

3rd Pituitary Sella and Suprasellar Congress--Group photo of congress speakers
3rd Pituitary Sella and Suprasellar Congress--Professors of neurosurgery at congress exhibition
33rd Congress of Radiology, Iran, Tehran, May 2017--Poster
33rd Congress of Radiology, Iran, Tehran, May 2017--Dr. Sharifi Speech
24th Interim Meeting of Neurovascular Surgery of Neurosurgical Society of Iran, Mashhad, Iran, October 2016 -- From left: Dr. Etemad Rezaei, Dr. Sharifi, Dr. Khan Babazadeh
4th Annual Congress & Workshop on Neuroendoscopy--Dr. Sharifi with Dr. Shirvani, Dr. Asghari, Dr. Elghasi, Dr. Tohid Emami, and Dr. Asghar Nosari
4th Annual Congress & Workshop on Neuroendoscopy--Poster
1st Annual Iranian Congress of Neurosurgeons’ Spine Surgery -- Poster
1st Annual Iranian Congress of Neurosurgeons’ Spine Surgery -- Group photo of Neurosurgeons
1st Annual Iranian Congress of Neurosurgeons’ Spine Surgery -- Lecture of Dr. Guive Sharifi as a Neurosurgeon
3rd Iranian Congress on Human Brain Mapping, Tehran, Iran, September 2016 -- Poster

Testimonials of Treated Patients

I would like to say how fortunate I am to have found Dr. Sharifi for my brain surgery. I feel like a whole new person after my surgery. I no longer have headaches and can go about my normal lifestyle. Thank you for your great job.
S. Farahmand, Tehran, Iran
Dr. Sharifi is awesome surgeon. He was very caring and responsive before and after my surgery which made me so comfortable without any fears on my surgical procedure. I recommend him to those who want an expert and responsible surgeon.
Ali Ghasempour, Mashhad, Iran
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