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Multilevel Cervical Disk

A 67 year old woman with right hand pain and Paraesthesia. Regarding multilevel cervical disk herniation we decided to perform ACDF operation. Left sided picture depicts […]
تومور شوانوم عصب دوازدهم با علامت فلج زبان

hypoglossal nerve schwannoma

A middle age woman was investigated for headache and asymmetry of tongue. hypoglossal nerve schwannoma was totally resected via far-lateral trans condylar approach  
عمل جراحی همی فاشیال اسپاسم

Hemifacial spasm

A patient with muscle twitches since 5 years ago which was unresponsive to medical therapy and underwent surgery with hemifacial spasm diagnosis. With teflon sheet 7th […]
آدنوم هیپوفیز

Giant adenoma with extension to 3rd ventricle

A woman with severe headache and amenorrhea that operated 2 years ago in another hospital and pituitary macroadenoma had been resected partialy Tumor regrowth and extended […]
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