Brain Tumors


Intraventricular Tumor

Intraventricular tumor in 32year old man presented with loss of consciousness and memory and speaking problems.  

Acromegaly diagnosis

A young woman who presented with acromegaly one year ago and was operated by endoscopic approach but sever involvement of her left cavernous sinus result in […]

Cpa meningioma

A 40-year-old woman who complained of severe hearing loss to the left ear.  

Common Cushing’s Symptoms – Nasal Surgery

An adolescent man presented with head ache, obesity, striae on his abdomen , hypertension and generally typical sign and symptoms of cushing disease from 2 years […]

Astrocytoma tumor of the hippocampus

۲۴ year old man with epilepsy from 13 years ago which became refractory to anti epileptic drugs recently. Additionally he complains from paresthesia in hand and […]

CPA- Acoustic Neuromas

The acoustic neuroma is a nonmalignant tumor of the 8th cranial nerve. This tumor called Cerebellopontine angle (CPA). Most commonly, it arises from the covering cells of the inferior vestibular nerve which is presses on the Cerebellar neurons....


Hemangioblastomas are rare tumors that occur in blood vessels of the brain and spinal cord. They may appear anywhere in the brain but are most often found in the cerebellum and the brainstem in the ...


Ependymoma is a rare tumor of the brain or spinal cord. It occurs in both adults and children. Ependymoma is a primary tumor, which means that […]


Medulloblastoma is the most common type of pediatric malignant primary brain tumor (cancer), originating in the part of the brain that is towards the back and […]
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