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عمل جراحی کلافه عروقی شریانی وریدی

arteriovenous malformation

A 23 year old girl who presented with weakness in her left hand. Because of proximity of lesion to language area we performed FMRI. Fortunately lesion […]
تومور مغزی در نوجوان ۱۱ ساله

Brain tumor in 11 years old

Brain tumor in 11 years old adolescent who presented with headache and vomiting. Shunt placement was performed in ahvaz and after stabilization of patient’s condition he […]
عمل آندوسکوپی و یا بسته مغز به دنبال هیدروسفالی

temporo-insular glioma

left temporo-insular glioma in a man with right hemiparesis and Language deficit Endoscopic operation for hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus or increasing intracranial pressure in 27 years old man […]
عمل تومور مغز از راه بینی و با آندوسکوپی

Craniopharyngioma diagnosis

A 47 year old woman who endoscopic transnasal operation one year ago because of blurred vision and polyuria with craniopharyngioma diagnosis . Symptoms were improved but […]
نورالژی عصب تریژمینال

Trigeminal neuralgia

‏An elderly woman has been suffering from severe refractory facial pain for 5 years in trigeminal neuralgia, the trigeminal nerve that is responsible for facial sensation […]
عمل تومور مغزی (کرانیوفارنژیوما) 

Reop craniopharyngioma transcranial

Revision surgery of brain tumor ( craniopharyngioma) in 7 years old boy who underwent operation two times before. he suffered from seizure, polyuria and polydypsia. Fortunately […]
عمل جراحی دیسک گردن

Neck disc surgery

.posterior microscopic approach for cervical diskectomy and foraminotomy in a female with radicular pain      
تومور ناحیه سوپراسلار

Suprasellar tumor

.۲۰ kg weight gain and constant starvation in 9 years old girl which caused by skull base tumor. Tumor was totally removed via endoscopic approach   […]
عمل آنوریسم مغزی

Acom aneurysm

The second aneurysm surgery in previous week was about anterior cerebral artery. Cerebral aneurysm is one of the dangerous cerebrovascular disease which caused by thinning and […]
تومور بزرگ از جنس مننژیوم

Large meningioma tumor

A very large and weird tumor in frontal lobe of a patient who presented with headache, paresis and personality disorders. Fortunately tumor was totally removed

Craniopharyngioma – A 60 year old woman

A 60 year old woman presented with blurred vision. On MRI a lesion can be seen on suprasellar and chiasmal region. She underwent operation one year […]
جراحی صرع


 The hippocampus is the most complex structure in the world. Hippocampus is the primary focus of seizures in some type of epilepsy. When cellular damage occurs, […]

Multilevel Cervical Disk

A 67 year old woman with right hand pain and Paraesthesia. Regarding multilevel cervical disk herniation we decided to perform ACDF operation. Left sided picture depicts […]
تومور شوانوم عصب دوازدهم با علامت فلج زبان

hypoglossal nerve schwannoma

A middle age woman was investigated for headache and asymmetry of tongue. hypoglossal nerve schwannoma was totally resected via far-lateral trans condylar approach  
عمل جراحی همی فاشیال اسپاسم

Hemifacial spasm

A patient with muscle twitches since 5 years ago which was unresponsive to medical therapy and underwent surgery with hemifacial spasm diagnosis. With teflon sheet 7th […]
آدنوم هیپوفیز

Giant adenoma with extension to 3rd ventricle

A woman with severe headache and amenorrhea that operated 2 years ago in another hospital and pituitary macroadenoma had been resected partialy Tumor regrowth and extended […]

Cervical cord decompression for cervical myelopathy

A 53 years old with cervical spinal cord injury,because of long term compression of disc herniation on cervical spinal cord.he had severe pain on right hand […]
تومور ساقه مغز

A brain stem glioma in a 18 months old boy

A brain stem glioma in a 18 months old boy that suffered from hemiparesis and swallowing disturbance. DTI imaging demonstrate invasion of corticospinal tract. tumor was […]
تومورهای خوش خیم نوروفیبروماتوز

Neurofibromatosis tumor in 6 year old boy

Neurofibromatosis tumor in 6 year old boy which was operated 4 years ago in another center. He came for reoperation and removing the recurrence of tumor. […]

Cerebellum tumor

Cerebellum tumor in 13 years old girl who presented with headache, diplopia and hydrocephalus in an urgent situation. She underwent surgery with hemangioblastoma diagnosis. Fortunately tumor […]
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