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تومور مغزی در نوجوان ۱۱ ساله

Brain tumor in 11 years old

Brain tumor in 11 years old adolescent who presented with headache and vomiting. Shunt placement was performed in ahvaz and after stabilization of patient’s condition he […]
عمل آندوسکوپی و یا بسته مغز به دنبال هیدروسفالی

temporo-insular glioma

left temporo-insular glioma in a man with right hemiparesis and Language deficit Endoscopic operation for hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus or increasing intracranial pressure in 27 years old man […]
عمل تومور مغز از راه بینی و با آندوسکوپی

Craniopharyngioma diagnosis

A 47 year old woman who endoscopic transnasal operation one year ago because of blurred vision and polyuria with craniopharyngioma diagnosis . Symptoms were improved but […]
نورالژی عصب تریژمینال

Trigeminal neuralgia

‏An elderly woman has been suffering from severe refractory facial pain for 5 years in trigeminal neuralgia, the trigeminal nerve that is responsible for facial sensation […]
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