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تومور بزرگ آدنوم هیپوفیز

A huge pituitary adenoma

A huge pituitary adenoma in young woman which caused headache and high prolactin hormone level. With endoscopic transplanum approach tumor was totally removed

Pituitary tumor in 39 years old man

A 39 years old man presented with blurred vision. He had history of operation 2 years ago in another center. Patient was operated in 2 sessions. […]
گلیوم مخچه

Cerebellum tumor

A 14 year old girl with history of headache from 2 weeks ago. She underwent surgery with cerebellum tumor diagnosis probably astrocytoma. We are waiting for […]
تومور مننیژیوم پتروکلایوال

Petroclival meningioma and pituitary nonfunctional tumor resections in a 63 years old woman

Patient was a 63 years old woman with a petroclival meningioma and numbness feelings in her left side of her face (V2 and V3 areas). In […]

Endoscopic surgery of third ventricle

A young man with history of operation in another center presented with headache and hydrocephalus. With endoscopic surgery the floor of third ventricle was opened in […]
بیماری کیاری

Chiari malformation disease

A young lady presented with disequilibrium and weakness in her hands. On evaluation we diagnosed chiari malformation disease in which cerebellum tonsils are lower than normal […]
عمل دیسک های متعدد گردن بدون استفاده از پیچ و پلاک

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion without plate fixation (ACDF)

A 49 years old male with severe pain and numbness in both upper extremities from 3 years ago.T1 cervical MRI imaging,shows multilevel disc herniation compressing spinal […]
تومور کرانیوفارنژیوما

Tumor Craniopharyngioma

A 5 years old boy with headache and blurred vision in right eye! the tumor was craniopharyngioma that was resected via lateral subfrontal approach. the operation […]
تومور هیپوفیز آکرومگالی

ACROMEGALY-Endoscopic transnasal surgery

A middle age woman with presentation of swelling of hand’s joints and enlargement size of foot and nose. elevation serum level of growth hormone and IGF-1 […]
بزرگی جمجمه در اطفال به دنبال هیدروسفالی

Macrocephaly in children according to hydrocephalus and endoscopic surgery of third ventricle

A 2 year old child with macro cephaly and inability to walk & talk underwent endoscopic ventricular surgery by hydrocephaly diagnosis. Patient didn’t have intraventricular septum […]
درمان قطعی پرولاکتینوما مقاوم به دارو

Clip two aneurysm simultaneously

Occlusion of 2 cerebral aneurysm in one operation and simultaneously in an old woman presented with loss of consciousness and left eye midriasis following to intracranial […]
بیرون زدگی شدید مهره

Extreme protrusion of the second and third legs of the waist – Avoid complete paralysis

A young man presented with acute low back pain and right leg radiculopathy and sever paresis of both legs. He underwent operation emergently because of sever […]

جراحی تومور بسیار بزرگ هیپوفیز در بیمارستان لقمان

در هفته گذشته تیم پزشکی بیمارستان لقمان حکیم متشکل از جناب استاد شریفی و دکتر سید علی موسوی و دکتر یزدان پناهی جراحی تومور مغزی بسار […]

Spinal Cord Tumor in Cervicothoracic

The patient is a young man with severe back pain, walking disorders and pain in the legs, especially the left leg. MRI images diagnosed problems in the fourth and fifth vertebrae...
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