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نورالژی عصب تریژمینال

Trigeminal neuralgia

‏An elderly woman has been suffering from severe refractory facial pain for 5 years in trigeminal neuralgia, the trigeminal nerve that is responsible for facial sensation […]
عمل تومور مغزی (کرانیوفارنژیوما) 

Reop craniopharyngioma transcranial

Revision surgery of brain tumor ( craniopharyngioma) in 7 years old boy who underwent operation two times before. he suffered from seizure, polyuria and polydypsia. Fortunately […]
عمل جراحی دیسک گردن

Neck disc surgery

.posterior microscopic approach for cervical diskectomy and foraminotomy in a female with radicular pain      
تومور ناحیه سوپراسلار

Suprasellar tumor

.۲۰ kg weight gain and constant starvation in 9 years old girl which caused by skull base tumor. Tumor was totally removed via endoscopic approach   […]
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