Suprasellar tumor

.20 kg weight gain and constant starvation in 9 years old girl which caused by skull base tumor. Tumor was totally removed via endoscopic approach   […]

Giant adenoma with extension to 3rd ventricle

A woman with severe headache and amenorrhea that operated 2 years ago in another hospital and pituitary macroadenoma had been resected partialy Tumor regrowth and extended […]

A huge pituitary adenoma

A huge pituitary adenoma in young woman which caused headache and high prolactin hormone level. With endoscopic transplanum approach tumor was totally removed

Pituitary tumor in 39 years old man

A 39 years old man presented with blurred vision. He had history of operation 2 years ago in another center. Patient was operated in 2 sessions. […]

Petroclival meningioma and pituitary nonfunctional tumor resections in a 63 years old woman

Patient was a 63 years old woman with a petroclival meningioma and numbness feelings in her left side of her face (V2 and V3 areas). In […]

ACROMEGALY-Endoscopic transnasal surgery

A middle age woman with presentation of swelling of hand’s joints and enlargement size of foot and nose. elevation serum level of growth hormone and IGF-1 […]

جراحی تومور بسیار بزرگ هیپوفیز در بیمارستان لقمان

در هفته گذشته تیم پزشکی بیمارستان لقمان حکیم متشکل از جناب استاد شریفی و دکتر سید علی موسوی و دکتر یزدان پناهی جراحی تومور مغزی بسار […]