Surgical examples

نمونه عمل منیتژیوما پتروکلایوال

parasagittal meningioma

she had hard headache and eyesight problems for 6 months preop   post op  

Large Non Functional Pituitary

آA 27-year-old man with severe vision disorder, diagnosed with pituitary tumor. He was underwent endoscopic surgery (through nose) by Dr. Guive Sharifi. The pituitary tumor was completely removed. After operation, the patient’s sight was improved.

تومور بزرگ هیپوفیز

بیمار آقای ۲۴ ساله با کاهش شدید بینایی و سردرد مراجعه کردند و مشخص شد که تومور هیپوفیز دارند. بیمار با روش اندوسکوپیک (از راه بینی) توسط دکتر گیو شریفی جراح مغز و اعصاب و ...

Big Pituitary Tumor

Patient with sever vision loss during the past 2-3 years was underwent big pituitary tumor...

Big Macro Adenoma

A 21-year-old man with severe disorder in pituitary gland, diagnosed with macro adenoma tumor. He was underwent endoscopic surgery by Dr. Guive Sharifi and surgical site was restoration with cutting fat removed from patient’s abdomen.

Non Functional Pituitary

Patient with visual disorder, diagnosed with big pituitary tumor with suprasellar cisterna and cavernous sinus specifically in left side of tumor. The tumor was completely removed with endoscopic

Pituitary Tumor

Patient was a 50 years old man with blurred vision for 3 years. Blurred vision wasn’t improved by glasses that prescribed by ophthalmologist. Pathology result was pituitary tumor...

تومور هیپوفیز

بیمار آقایی ۴۹ ساله بودند که با تومور بزرگ هیپوفیز و تاری دید مراجعه کردند. جراحی هیپوفیز توسط دکتر گیو شریفی جراح مغز و اعصاب با موفقیت انجام شد و تومور به طور ...

Microadenoma Pituitary

The patient was a young woman with pituitary-Microadenoma tumor and symptoms of acromegaly and Cushing’s syndrome. ...

Macroadenoma Pituitary

A woman came with a severe visual impairments. During this 4 years numerous drug therapies had received to treat the tumor. ...
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