Spinal Cord Ependymoma

A young man who was medical student presented with paresthesia and weakness in his legs and hands. He underwent operation by spinal cord ependymoma.  

Abdominal Incision Tumor

A very rare tumor in sacral region in 35 year old woman who presented with weakness in her legs since three months ago. With aid of […]

meningioma diagnosis of pregnant woman

operation movie of a pregnant woman who was a physician her self and underwent surgery by meningioma diagnosis. tumor was very huge and adhesive.  

Definite treatment of drug resistant prolactinoma

Definite treatment of drug resistant prolactinoma: a young woman presented with galactorrhea and menstural irregularity. On evaluation, prolactin hormone level was high and even cobergolin consumption […]

removal of cervical cord ependymoma

In less than two minutes you can see removal of cervical cord ependymoma. Patient presented with pain, anesthesia and weakness in his hands.

a big lesion in thoracic area

A 42 year old woman presented with anesthesia and weakness in both legs. On MRI a big lesion in thoracic area was observed. She underwent surgery […]

intratumoral hemorrhage (apoplexy)

A 63 year old woman presented with bilateral blurred vision mostly in right side. After imaging and hormone evaluation we noticed pituitary lesion with intratumoral hemorrhage […]

petroclival meningioma diagnosis

A middle age woman with long history of head ache who had disequilibrium and weakness on her left foot recently. She was operated by petroclival meningioma […]

pituitary tumor

A young woman presented with galactorrhea. On hormones evaluation the growth hormone and prolactin was elevated. After dostinex consumption the prolactin level became normal but other […]