Epidermoid Cyst

A left epidermoid cyst in a young man with presentation of hemifacial spasm. Epidermoid cyst is a benign tumor of nervous system with congenital origin. fortunately […]

Seizure treatment

A 33 year old woman who complained from seizure since 5 years ago and despite medical therapy and 30 sessions of radiotherapy, seizures still persist, finally […]

Optic pathway tumor

Optic pathway tumor in young woman who affected hemiparesis one year ago and blurred vision in both eyes happened recently Patient had sever reduction in her […]


A 52 years old female with left radicular pain and weakness due to spondylolysthesis was operated, after laminectomy and foramitomy, fixation and fusion was done with […]

pituitary adenoma

Fortunately we can see suitable conditions of a patient 10 days after pituitary adenoma surgery.The visual ability which was declined severely because of tumor pressure, is […]

huge pituitary tumor

A 40 year old woman presented with blurred vision and menstural irregularity. On evaluation we noticed high prolactin hormone level and huge pituitary tumor with extension […]

cervical spine fracture

Cervical spine fracture and dislocation in a young man who had accident in swimming pool. Fortunately in a successful operation we accomplished to reduct the dislocation […]

convexity meningioma diagnosis

A middle age woman who presented with loss of consciousness and headache and was operated by convexity meningioma diagnosis.

huge tumor on left clinoid and cavernous region

A middle age woman with complain of headache, blurred vision and hearing loss. She had huge tumor on left clinoid and cavernous region which was totally […]

Spinal Cord Ependymoma

A young man who was medical student presented with paresthesia and weakness in his legs and hands. He underwent operation by spinal cord ependymoma.  

Abdominal Incision Tumor

A very rare tumor in sacral region in 35 year old woman who presented with weakness in her legs since three months ago. With aid of […]

meningioma diagnosis of pregnant woman

operation movie of a pregnant woman who was a physician her self and underwent surgery by meningioma diagnosis. tumor was very huge and adhesive.